The juries

Jury Feature Films - President of the Feature Film Jury : Coline Serreau
- Armand Amar - Biyouna - Joël Farges
Jury Documentaries - President of the Documentary Jury : Euzhan Palcy
- Charlotte Uzu - Claude Gilaizeau
Jury Short Films - President of the Short Film Jury : Jean-Charles Mille
- Abel Jafri - Benoît Blanchard


President of the Feature Film Jury
Daughter of the writer Geneviève Serreau and the director Jean-Marie Serreau, Coline Serreau possesses a varied artistic luggage. She studied Litterature, attended the National Conservatory for Music in esthetics and music history and the organ class of Jean Langlais at the Schola Cantorum as well as the Circus School of Annie Fratellini.

Attracted by theater, she enters as a trainee comedian the Centre National of Rue Blanche in 1968, then the Comédie-Française in 1969 and works with Romain Bouteille and Coluche before writing for cinema and theater, directing of theater plays, films and opera.


President of the Documentary Jury

In 1983, Euzhan Palcy, film-maker from Martinique, realizes her first full-length film "Rue Cases Nègres", and places French Antilles on the worldmap of the cinematographic art. This French movie, one of the most prize-winning this year, (17 international awards among which the Silver Lion and the Prize of feminine interpretation at the Venice Mostra and the César of the first work)
She is the first black director produced by a Hollywood studio.

In 1989, she gets Marlon Brando to play in "A Season white and dry" produced by the Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

In 1992, she directs "Siméon", who stages for the first time the famous group Kassav.


Jury Feature films

Born in Jerusalem in 1953, Armand Amar spends his childhood in Morocco of which he is native.
Self-taught, he fast searches for non European musics and discovers instruments as the zarb and the conga drums.
Further to his meeting with the South African choreographer Peter Goss, he discovers that what he looks for is a direct relationship with music,with improvisation.
This brings him to work with choreographers of contemporary dance.

He creates in 1994 the label " Long Distance " with his friend Alain Weber.
Since then, Armand composed the music of four movies of Costa-Gavras: "Amen" ( 2000 ), "The Chopper" ( 2005 ), "the Eden on the West" (2009) and "The Capita"l ( 2012 ). Two movies of Rachid Bouchareb: "Natives" ( 2006 ) and "Outlaw" ( 2010 ). And two movies of Radu Mihaileanu: "Vas, vis et devient" (2005) and "The concert" (2009)
He was recompensed for it by the César of the Best Film Music.


Jury Feature films

Singer, dancer and actress of Algerian origin, Biyouna begins very early to work for entertainment. At the age of 19 she dances in Copacabana and plays in her first television serial.
Actress, she alternates shootings in France and in Algeria, singer, she brings out in 2001 her first entitled album " Raid Zones ".

From comedy to drama, she marks with her talent and with her exuberance the movies in which she plays, Viva Laldjérie ( 2004 ), Delight Paloma ( 2007 ), The Source of the Women ( 2011 ), and recently beside Isabelle Carré, Cheba Louisa, to quote only some titles


Jury Feature films
Joël Farges, producer for cinema, director and French scriptwriter, born in 1948. He cofounds in 1973 the magazine " Ça/Cinéma " which he leads with François Barat.
Marguerite Duras, Jean-Luc Godard, Frederico Fellini mark with their imprint the catalogue of that period.
He teaches cinema at the New Sorbonne University.
In 1992, he creates Artcam International, a production company distinguishing itself by its support to the movies of Central Europe and Asia.
Big traveler, he fell in love with India. He directed several movies among which:
Serko, Amok, Pondicherry, just before the forgetting.
Among his productions, 3 movies of Darezhan Omirbayev: Chouga, The Road, Hired killer (Prize)Un certain Regard in Canne) and also "Télégram" by Slamet Rahardjo, Platform by Zhangke Jia, Marian by Petr Vàclav


Jury Documentaries

After a master's degree in art history and an anthropology in Canada and in Mexico, a diploma of higher education in production of documentaries and an European Master's degree of production of interactive programs (INA)((NATIONAL AUDIOVISUAL INSTITUTE)), Charlotte Uzu begins her career in the audiovisual and film industry in companies "Les Poissons volants" and "Les Films d’Ici".
In 2003, she becomes responsible for the international financing of all the documentary movies and for the fiction products of "Les Films d’Ici".


Jury Documentaries

Claude Gilaizeau participated in the creation of the "Productions de la Lanterne" with a team of technicians of cinema in 1973.
Since 40 years he assures the production of the movies which are produced within this structure.
After the short films of the debuts, the company turned to the documentary and the full-length films.

For 20 years Claude Gilaizeau collaborated with African directors for the production of their movies.
Among the main movies : "Keita the inheritance of the griot" and "Sia, the Python's dream" by Dani Kouyaté, "Madame Brouette" of Moussa Séné Absa and Mahamat Saleh Haroun's movie "The man who shouts".


Jury Short films

Abel Jafri is born in 1965 of a Tunisian mother and a Tuareg father, in Tunisian Sahara. He grows up in France and spends his adolescence in Aubervilliers.
At the age of 9, he realizes that he is going to have to enter very early the world of work. Working on markets during the day, he practises theater when he can.
He studies theater of improvisation and enters the studio Pygmalion, then the Actor's Studio in New York.

Having played in several plays and in some television films, it will be Claude Sautet who will offer him his first leading part in cinema. He played in 3 Zéros, The passion of the Christ by Mel Gibson, The last Scrubland, The song of Chuck …


Jury Short films

Born in May, 1965, Jean Charles Mille creates in 1998 the Premium Movies distribution company.
This company specializes in short fils and adapts itself to the new medias of distribution
appeared at the end of the 90s.
With a catalog of more than 600 movies, going from animation to fiction, Premium Movies opens in 2011 a full-length film department.
Premium Movies is partner of MADDER Capital, the financer of Matteo Garrone's Reality, Sea,Sex and Sun by Christophe Turpin, and Bye Bye Blondie by Virginie Despentes.


Jury Short films
After studies of language and cinema, Benoît Blanchard makes his first weapons in Germany and in Italy.
Back to France in 2003, he works in the medias before specializing in documentary films and joining "La Compagnie des Phares et Balises".

In 2007 he enters Rézina Productions where during more than five years he produces numerous short and full-length films, in particular " I could be your grandmother " which was selected for the Oscars and the Césars.
Since 2013 he develops new projects within "Ogre Productions".