Anju Enterprises

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Anju Enterprises is specialized in the importation and distribution of ethnic food products in France and all over Europe. For about 27 years, its motivation has been to cater the authentic flavors of India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and now Africa. It aims to provide a wide range of products, including exclusivities of internationally renowned brands and the must-haves of the ethnic market.
Along the years, Anju became the partner of choice of delicatessen shops, as well as the reference supplier of grocery stores, Indian restaurants, and supermarkets.
So as to bring the best quality possible, Anju also developed its own brand. One of its star products is its Kesar Mango Pulp – unctuous, rich in flavor and aromas of ripe mango.

Since its very beginning, Anju participated in the enhancement of the Indian culture in France. It has been highlighting various artists and participating in numerous Indian festivities. Through its implication, it acts as the “ambassador” of Indian culture. Anju therefore decided to associate with Extravagant India! from its premises in 2013. This film festival is very audacious. It shows India as it is scarcely revealed to us, while keeping Bollywood creations. This year, Anju continues this cultural adventure for the 2nd edition of the festival. On this occasion it sponsors the documentary My Name is Salt.