Georges Touati

Across a span of over twenty five years, Georges Touati has been Director
of some of the most famous schools for cinema and television in France.

Bérengère Bebe Barrier

Graduated in theatrical studies and cultural management, Bérengère Bebe Barrier manages the foreign companies at the Avignon Festival before being project manager for the audiovisual service of the French Embassy in South Korea where she contributes to the creation of the Seoul French Film Festiv

Maïa Dabaji

India enthusiast, Maïa Dabaji is graduated in Cultural Publishing and Journalism (University Sorbonne Nouvelle) and in Drama Arts and Technics (Ecole Claude mathieuM. She joins audiovisual production with PAF Production, working on "L'Hebdo Cinéma" for Canal +.

Elke Hartmann

After cinema studies , Elke Hartmann occupied diverse posts in the field of broadcasting before specializing in editing.
Since 2000, she is a film editor, essentially of documentaries, fictions-documentaries, short films.

Virginie Gérard

After studying art, multimedia scripting and new communications technologies, Virginie is now an internet web designer, pursuing with enthusiasm the medium’s possibilities.
From 2004 to 2012 she has been responsible for the website design

Pawan Manchanda

A marketing and advertising specialist, Pawan Manchanda is connected to leading national and international corporate houses and state governments.

Gaëlle Benacchio

Having studied between France and India for several years, GB completed postgraduate degrees in political science, cinema and Indian studies.

Krikor Hamel

Krikor Hamel was born in Sao Paolo. He studied architecture at "L'Institut des Beaux-Arts de Paris",

Myriam Lothammer

Myriam Lothammer dedicates her life to live performances and visual arts. Endowed with a double administrative and artistic experience , she works with numerous artists.

Sandrine Julie Angelscott

Chef de projets dans la communication institutionnelle, elle réalise un ensemble d’actions de communications tant dans le domaine éditorial qu’évènementiel (campagnes, séminaires, salons, conférences de presse …).

Ester Garbujo  

Ester Garbujo’s professional experience is split between France and Italy.
In France she has been commercial attaché for salons, with responsibility for Italian relations.
She works with businesses and public bodies, such as regional and departmental chambers of commerce.