The Jury President, director Gérard Krawczyk, hands out the Best Director Trophy to Vishal Bhardwaj

His Excellency Arun K. Singh, Ambassador of India in France, Gabriele Brennen, Festival Director, Ramesh Tekwani India representant

Mohan Agashe and Geetanjali Thapa with Pierre Assouline, Président « Extravagant india ! »

Jury President for feature films, director Gérard Krawczyk, with Jury President for documentaries, ‘The Lunchbox’ coproducer, Marc Baschet

Sanjeev Gupta, Best Film Award "Extravagant India ! 2015” for Q

His Excellency Arun K. Singh, Ambassador of India in France and the representatives of India Tourism, Air India and Gopio France Métropole

Diner Cocktail of the Opening Ceremony (Restaurant Jodhpur Palace)

The Gaumont Champs Elysées, Festival Opening

Selfie in front of the photocall backdrop

Actress Geetanjali Thapa, Festival’s guest (Liar's Dice by Geetu Mohandas has represented India at the Oscars 2016) - Hairstyle Jean-Claude Biguine

Vishal Bardhvaj and the jury

Jury Président, director Gérard Krawczyk and the jury members : Eric Garandeau, ex-Président of CNC; Adami, painter ; Elsa Keslassy, journalist at Variety

A full house

Sponsor Anju entreprises

Diner cocktail of the Closing Ceremony (restaurants Angeethi et Aarchna)

Vishal Bhardwaj, Best Director Award “Extravagant India ! 2015” for Haider

The actress Caroline Lê Quang and director Kartik Singh

Vishal Bhardwaj (Renault car)

Gaumont Champs Elysées, the rotunda

IFFI 2015 : Press conference “Extravagant India !” at Goa


The European door for Indian Cinema

"Extravagant India !" highlights Indian Cinema
"Extravagant India !" is a passion for Cinema, a fascination for India, a headstrong research and anticipation effort to detect original films. It is above all the satisfaction to share the fruit of it all: a cinematically rich selection, a window to the multiple Indias.

In 2013 "Extravagant India!" International Indian Film Festival - Paris was bestowing the Best Film Award to The Lunchbox , by Ritesh Batra. The film has since then known a tremendous success (about 500 000 entries in France) and revealed to the professional and general audiences the emerging of a young Indian cinema which can be subtle, irreverent, unexpected.

For its second edition,"Extravagant India !" further played the talent scout in an India boiling with cultural and creative fever. An India where a Ministry of Yoga has been created and where the Media and Entertainment Sector has been declared a National Priory. An India where from North to South a new generation of filmmakers asserts itself, cutting loose from commercial cinema codes, drawing on a palette of influences that has never been wider. An India and a cinema that the French and Europeans, although fascinated, still know little about.
Testimony to the vitality of the young Indian cinema and to the festival’s research work: out of the nine feature films in competition in the second edition, five were first films. A proof of the rich diversity of this cinema: the selection had films shot in over eight original languages from over eight different regions (Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Gujarati, Himachali, Tamil, Malalayam, Kashmiri ...)

Come with us to discover India and its young Cinema! You will be dazzled!
Next edition end 2018.