Become a partner (patrons and sponsors)

Patrons and Sponsors, “Extravagant India !”- 2016 : a powerfull showcase for your brand

Joining us in the promotion of this festival means creating a showcase for your brand or your group.
It will grab peoples’ attention whilst affirming your ambition to contribute both to artistic and economic exchanges between France and India. It will add to the understanding of Indian civilisation in general and of the Indian independent cinema in particular.

Lean against the prestige of the Festival "Extravagant India !"

"Extravagant india !" will allow a patron or partner to lean on the prestige of the festival and on the values which it promotes : discovery, culture, talent, excellence, daring.

This partnership with its cultural character will add value and meaning to your communications.

Support "Extravagant India" International Indian Film Festival - Paris.

Support the International Indian Film Festival - Paris
by joining the "Cercle of Patrons and Sponsors of " Extravagant India ! "

Tax exemption and tax benefits

Very often patrons and sponsors do not know which part of the budget is applicable to them.
We will be clear about the support given to our donor partners.