Virginie Gérard

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After studying art, multimedia scripting and new communications technologies, Virginie is now an internet web designer, pursuing with enthusiasm the medium’s possibilities.
From 2004 to 2012 she has been responsible for the website design
of Nexilone, CNRS, Renault, Markettis, Seventh Media, Gr.Accord, Pulcra, Ed.Gecko, Black-Box, Idesign, Involtec, Menthopoivres and Gr.J.P.
She has also been a web designer for Gr. L’intelligent, MCA, Nyxor, Amplitude, PCN and Gr. Le Figaro,
graphic artist for Adrénaline, Nickel and Raison de plus and model maker for Euro-Effets, CPI, APBA and Et si.