Brief Index of the Indian cinema

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The diversity of languages and cultural references in India has encouraged the development of a varied film industry!
Indian cinema is often referred to by different names, according to the various regions and languages!
The productions in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu account for 60 % of the total!
* Bollywood refers to the Hindi film industry based in Mumbai. Bollywood films are circulated throughout India and exported to the whole world.

* Kollywood refers to the films in Tamil coming from the studios of Kodambakkam, an area of Chennai, in Tamil Nadu

* Tollywoodrefers to films in Telegu, produced in Hyderabad in the region of Andhra Pradesh.

* Malluwood refers to those in Malayalam, produced in Kerala.

* Sandalwood refers to films in Kannada, produced in Karnataka.

* Tollywood is also a term that has been used since 1932 to refer to films in Bengali, made in the studios of Tollygunge, an area of Kolkata, West Bengal.

* The films in Marathi are produced in Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra.

* The films in Gujarati are produced in Gujarat

* The films in Punjabi are produced in the Punjab

* The films in Oriya are produced in Orissa.

* The films in Assamese are produced in Assam.

* The films in English are international co-productions.

In 2012 India produced 1 600 full length feature films.