DHOAD, Gipsies of Rajasthan

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DHOAD, Gipsies from Rajasthan

Poets, troubadours, musicians, dancers and fakir (fire eater) of the country of Maharajas.
Having performed more than 1000 Concerts in 70 Countries in the last 10 years, the Dhoad Gypsies are the undisputed cultural ambassadors of Rajasthan.
At the heart of Dhoad Gypsies are four brothers from a rich and celebrated musical legacy reaching back through seven generations from the esteemed musical tribal caste of Rajasthan.
Rajasthani music is respected by virtuoso the world over for its emotion and unparalleled rhythmic speed and complexity. Evoking a trancelike state for audience and performer alike,
Dhoad Gypsies embark on a rapturous journey with love, peace and honour at the centre of their lyrical message. Passionate and haunting, their legendary stamina onstage combines sweeping scales and vocals, a traditional Gypsy Rajasthani dancer and stunts by the group’s resident fakir for a truly unforgettable experience.
Directed by Artistic Director Rahis Bharti.