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Duration : 121' / Language : Hindi / Country : Inde/India / Year of production : 1990

Small town entrepreneur Maniram makes a major profit by cheating people and selling them tainted food. His business is run by his daughter-in-law Tejo, who is married to Maniram’s mentally challenged younger son. When Maniram’s elder son comes back into town to get married, things start to go awry. Based on ‘In the Ravine’ by Anton Chekhov.

Réalisateur / Director: 

Kumar Shahani is a noted Indian film director and screenwriter, best known for his parallel cinema films, Maya Darpan, Khayal Gatha, and Kasba. Due to his dedication to formalism, and with Maya Darpan being considered Indian cinema’s first formalist film, he is frequently grouped by critics and film enthusiasts alongside similar stylistic filmmakers such as Pasolini, Tarkovsky, and Rivette.